M / loss

Swish of tail

Flash of fang

Sting of heart

Light of Moon

Howl of loss


Shadows embrace the lost soul

Darkness engulfs the broken 

Obsidian shards cut deep

The pain awaits

The events of the night – Hidden.


No one can touch her now

Queenie’s choice is made.

The vultures of the night

Find the corpse picked bare.

Her bubble is impenetrable, invisible.


Only Urufu can shatter her

If only he would . . .

But only a howl lingers.

Her cries echo through the dark.

Their love, memory, a dream.


A love so sweet 

Only exists in Dreams 


Let the dream go,

Urufu will not claim her.

Was he not strong enough?

A strange notion, Love. 


When he howls, 

I do not answer. 

My place is no longer by his side 

His darkness, the undesired consort,  

Is not for my beloved Twytch.



~Tora ❤

edited 8/23/2016

Lost key

The cycle. 
The vicious, grueling cycle.
It has come to claim me again. 
What do I do with it? 
How do I break it? 
Should I break it?
It comes like a thief in the night, 
It brings out my fears and doubts 
______________the old ones I’ve put to rest.
His exquisite pain helps to clear our mind,
But to find S_____a so angry.
At our center, a crushing force,
That brutal wall of angry armoured dragon. 
I am ashamed 
I am afraid 
I don’t know how not to be alone. 
Alone is solace, 
______________________ isn’t it?? 
It frightens me so much 
to be that . . . Adult? 
How do I even start? 
Starting makes me want to hide. 
I do hide — all day in my books. 
I’m so tired I couldn’t possibly function properly 
This is sabotage. 
  • Yeah, but what will you do about it?
  • Probably just pout and mope.
All you can do is sleep and hope 
You have time in the morning 
________________ but we never do.
Why am I so afraid of myself?? 
Can one really be afraid of oneself?? 
How do I unlock that girl I met, 
a few months back? 
That girl I was, she was fearless. 
Where did I drop that key?? 
~Tora ❤