Lost key

The cycle. 
The vicious, grueling cycle.
It has come to claim me again. 
What do I do with it? 
How do I break it? 
Should I break it?
It comes like a thief in the night, 
It brings out my fears and doubts 
______________the old ones I’ve put to rest.
His exquisite pain helps to clear our mind,
But to find S_____a so angry.
At our center, a crushing force,
That brutal wall of angry armoured dragon. 
I am ashamed 
I am afraid 
I don’t know how not to be alone. 
Alone is solace, 
______________________ isn’t it?? 
It frightens me so much 
to be that . . . Adult? 
How do I even start? 
Starting makes me want to hide. 
I do hide — all day in my books. 
I’m so tired I couldn’t possibly function properly 
This is sabotage. 
  • Yeah, but what will you do about it?
  • Probably just pout and mope.
All you can do is sleep and hope 
You have time in the morning 
________________ but we never do.
Why am I so afraid of myself?? 
Can one really be afraid of oneself?? 
How do I unlock that girl I met, 
a few months back? 
That girl I was, she was fearless. 
Where did I drop that key?? 
~Tora ❤

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